created in year: 2016

MBTA Orange Line, Massachusetts Avenue (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Jackson (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Forest Hills (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Downtown Crossing (2016)Reclining Nude (2016)Karen Browsing at Porter Square Books (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Green Street (2016)MBTA Blue Line (The Scholar of Piedmont) (2016)MBTA Blue Line, Orient Heights (2016)MBTA Blue Line, Aquarium (2016)MBTA Blue Line, Airport (2016)Aquinnah August 5 (2016)Nude and Cat (2016)MBTA Orange Line (Mother and Son with Calvin and Hobbes Book) (2016)MBTA Red Line (2016)Orange Line (2016)Orange Line, North Station (2016)Orange Line, Assembly (2016)Orange Line (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Wellington (2016)MBTA Orange Line, Tufts (2016)MBTA Orange Line (Man With Hands Folded) (2016)MBTA Red Line, Downtown Crossing (2016)MBTA Red Line, Central (2016)Chenango Landscape (2016)Chenango Landscape (2016)Reading In Bed (2016)Study for Reading In Bed 2 (2016)Study for Reading In Bed 1 (2016)Rain Coming Over The Barn (2016)Rain Coming Over The Barn (2016)Landscape With Woman On A Cell Phone (2016)Landscape With Woman On A Cell Phone (2016)Tulips and Landscape (2016)Karen Knitting (2016)Study after David Milne (2016)Study after David Milne (2016)Go Problem (2016)Cafe Scene (Gulu Gulu) (2016)

Total works: 39

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