uses medium: gouache

Self-Portrait (2017)Double Model 1 (2017)Chenango Landscape (2016)Study for Reading In Bed 2 (2016)Rain Coming Over The Barn (2016)Landscape With Woman On A Cell Phone (2016)Tulips and Landscape (2016)Woman In A Doorway (2015)Nude (Circe 3) (2015)Nude (Circe 2) (2015)Nude (Circe 1) (2015)Stone Wall and Wildflowers (2015)Gould Trail Falls (2015)Storm Forecast (2015)Lodge In Fog (2015)Summit Road (2015)Mountain Pond (2015)Study After Shelley (The shadow of some spirit lovelier still) (2015)Study After Ko Un (Lived wrong for a hundred years) (2015)Study After Kenneth Koch (Fernand Leger lived in our building) (2015)Study After Nezahualcoyotl (You have appeared before God's face as multicolored flowers) (2015)NK Seated (2014)Double NK (2014)Kimono (JRT) (2014)Oak Branch (2013)November 1 (2013)

Total works: 26

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